Exam exercises

Flyers Test Part 7

Part 7 Read the diary and write the missing words. Write one word in each box. Saturday November 13 It (example) was Uncle Jim's birthday so he came and had lunch (1) us. It was sunny so we ate in the garden. We (2) him his presents and then we all went to the new cinema. It's much bigger and better (3) the old one. We saw a film which was (4) 'The Pyramid'. In one part of the film someone suddenly jumped out of a box. We were all afraid. After the film, Uncle Jim took us all (5) his favourite restaurant and I had a pizza. It was excellent! Your Name (required) Your Email...

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Flyers Part 6 – Test 2

Part 6 Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines. There is one example. Goats Goats live on farms or in the mountains and countryside, away (example) from people. In some countries, people have goats on farms and (1) milk from them. People dink the milk or make cheese and other kinds of food with (2) Goats which live on mountains (3) mind very cold weather, and are good at walking on difficult ground. They can (4) to the top of the highest rocks and mountains without falling. Goats eat grass and other plants. Some kinds of goats look (5) sheep. There are goats with...

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Flyers Part 6

  Part 6 Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines. There is one example. Last weekend Mary and Harry were going by train to stay with their aunt and uncle in London. When the train stopped (example) at a small station a strange man got on. He was short and fat (1) a white face and a big, red nose.(2) was a clown. It was a (3) way to London and the children (4) very bored. So the clown told them stories (5) the circus. Then he asked, 'Would you like to see a nice pet?' and he pointed to (6) pocket. The children said, 'Yes' because they (7) he had a mouse or...

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Movers Part 5

Part 5 Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about he story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words. Lost in the forest Hello. I'm Ben. Last week I went for a picnic with Mum and Dad, my older brother, John and my dog, Bouncer. Dad stopped the car in a field and Mum and Dad put a blanket down. Then we carried the food and drink from the car. We ate chicken and cheese sandwiches and drank lemonade and Bouncer had sausages - his favourite food. Mum and Dad started to read their books and Bouncer went to sleep. It was all very boring! Examples: Ben went for a picnic with his Mum and...

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Starters practise exam

Part 4 Read this.  Choose a word from the  box.  Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5.  There is one example. A bath You can find me in a room in the - house- . In the room there is a (1). on the wall. On the floor next to me there is a (2). . Do you want to get clean? Put (3)in me and sit in me. You can clean your body or your (4) in me. Children like playing with their (5) in me. What am I? I am a bath Your Name (required) Nombre(required) Your Email (required)  ...

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Movers Exam Part 3

Ejercicio para practicar – Part3   Writing Part 3 Read the text and choose the best answer. There is one example. Example Ann: Are those new shoes Jane? Jane: A Yes, they do. B: Yes, they are. C Yes, they're shoes. Questions 1. Ann: Where did you find them? Jane: A Yes, in town. B Last week. C In a shop in town  A B C 2. Ann: Was it a good shop? Jane: A: Yes, well. B Yes, very. C Yes, good.  A B C 3. Ann: Do you go shopping a lot? Jane: A Every weekend! B: All weekends! C. Last weekend!  A B C 4. Ann: And what do you buy? Jane: A I like...

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